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Top Dog Solutions has implemented a version of Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the tire and automotive industry to better manage customer satisfaction, customer retention, and improve business performance.

NPS addresses the recurring challenge of designing, managing, and analyzing consumer surveys by capturing the total customer experience with just one question. When the customer's car is ready, an automated e-mail is sent with a detailed summary of services performed and one simple question, "How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague?" A gradient scale from 0 to 10 requires only a single click to respond. Low scoring customers are given the option to provide feedback, tracking complaints and unsatisfactory service. This one-click, no hassle approach increases customer response rates by up to 40%.

Based on the customer's response they are classified into three categories: Detractor, Passive, or Promoter.

  • Detractors (score 0-6) are unsatisfied customers that are not likely to return and may impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

  • Passives (score 7-8) are satisfied customers who are more likely to return to your company, but may be vulnerable to competitive offerings.

  • Promoters (score 9-10) are extremely satisfied customers and are highly likely to recommend your company, fueling growth.

The Net Promoter Score is calculated by subtracting the percentage of customers who are Detractors from the percentage of customers who are Promoters. Research has proven that the NPS is a strong indicator of company growth and correlates to an increase in sales and profit.

Net Promoter Score offers an effective, streamlined system to manage customer satisfaction. Top Dog's NPS process instantly captures

  • Consumer information

  • Store location

  • Services provided

  • Employee information

  • Customer complaints

  • and much more

Management is able to use this information to analyze the company's performance and take corrective action to restore the customer's confidence in the company. Promoter scores may be sent to the marketing department to increase the effectiveness of methods already in place while Detractor and Passive scores may be sent to frontline employees to better ineffective systems. Improving the customer experience converts Detractor and Passive customers into loyal Promoter customers, increasing customer retention.

Net Promoter Score: About


  • Increase Customer Return Rates

  • Capture Consumer Complaints

  • Track Service Provider Performance

  • Track Store Performance Across Various Location

  • Measure Store Productivity

  • Faciliate Customer Feedback

  • Boost Social Media Reviews

  • Increase Sales and Profit


  • Web and Mobile Compatibility

  • Daily Detailed Reports

  • Automated E-mail

  • Service Provider Analysis

  • Store Location Analysis

  • Intuitive Interface

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Net Promoter Score Screenshots

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