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Top Dog’s Credit Analyst is a powerful analysis tool that provides a new level of insight into the performance of your business. Credit Analyst captures accounts receivable line item information from almost any operational system and aggregates that data into easily digestible views.

These views represent a comprehensive picture of your accounts receivable, anticipated cash receipts and credit demands empowering your organization to forecast cash receipts and manage outstanding accounts receivable. This enhanced credit and receivable analysis will significantly improve the ability of any organization to manage collections while reducing write-offs and maximize cash-flow.

The Credit Analyst brings to the surface customer’s payment histories and highlights which customers are affecting your cash flow in negative ways. Credit Analyst helps you maximize cash-flow by directing collections to target those customers that owe you the most and furthermore helps you maximize profitability by holding customers accountable for poor payment history that justify higher finance charges. Credit Analyst is an extremely powerful analysis tool intended for credit managers and controllers that will save significant time in the daily performance of their job function.

The Top Dog Credit Analyst will begin to pay for itself the moment you begin to use it. Organizations can easily carry millions of dollars of accounts receivable across multiple branch locations. There is always an opportunity to increase collections and thus reduce outstanding receivables. Without the tools for oversight of credit management, the identification of slow paying and dead-beat accounts makes it near impossible to make these receivable reductions.

Credit Analyst: About


  • Superior Oversight to Help Detect and Reduce Collection Issues

  • Monitor and Analyze Receivables 

  • Great Tool to Help set Credit Standards

  • Help Reduce Day Sales Outstanding

  • Reduce Receivable Carrying Cost

  • Identify Deadbeat and Slow Paying Customers

  • Pays for itself in a matter of months by Marginal Reductions in Receivable Write-offs


Summary Analysis

  • Trend Analysis Displays 12 Rolling Periods

  • 2 Level Analysis with the Added Feature of Reporting X within Y

  • Matrix Analysis allows for the Analysis of 2 Data Attributes

  • Dashboard

  • Cash Flow Analysis

  • Flexible Receivable Aging Analysis

  • Receivable Detail Analysis

  • Top N / Bottom N Analysis

Credit Analyst: Services
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