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Top Dog’s Financial Analyst is a powerful analysis tool that provides a new level of insight into the performance of your business. Financial Analyst captures financial transactions directly and seamlessly from almost any operational system.

The module provides a granular and flexible financial analysis of these transactions at the individual GL account and journal entry-level. The system fully integrates and supports budgets and variance analysis to actual. The system has a wide range of report formatting with the ability to perform consolidated, comparative and trend analysis. Analysis can be performed across any organization both regionally and functionally. Concise financial information can be provided with the use of Key Performance Indicator analysis. The Top Dog system provides detailed and powerful analysis without waiting for financial reports to be compiled.

It is no longer necessary to manually prepare time consuming financial reports in Excel that have the possibility of introducing inaccuracies in the information. Financial Analyst allows both the financial team and operational managers to access the latest, most accurate financial information any time during the month to see how the company is performing. Performance reporting allows accurate comparisons of information for the current period, to the previous period, to the same period last year and year to date this to year to date last year.

The Top Dog Financial Analyst will begin to pay for itself the moment you begin to use it. By eliminating the typical 3 to 7 business days of delay required to close a period, vital financial information will be available to your mangers early enough to take action. Using the powerful interactive report generation dozens of hours will be saved each month that were previously required to generate both regular and special reports. With the ability to both trend and perform same store comparisons Financial Analyst will provide management with a vital tool to bring expense at your branch locations into conformance. 

Financial Analyst: About


  • Eliminate Delays Producing Period-End Reporting

  • Unlimited Financial Report Presentations

  • Consistent Financial Report Presentation Across Platforms

  • Reports are Produced Instantly with “Zero” Lag Time

  • Ability to detect Financial Trends Before Issues Arise

  • Quickly and seamlessly get to the source of any reported value


  • Compare Current Period to Previous Periods

  • Display 12 Rolling Periods, Plus Total, Low, Average, High

  •  Display Multiple Entities or Sets of Entities on the Columns

  • Dashboards

  • GL Account Analysis

  • GL Detail Analysis

  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Reporting

  • Option to Report Actual or Budget, Period or Year to Date

  • Report Wizard to Easily Build Financial Reports

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