Top Dog Solutions offers a broad range of services to support our customers. These services not only address the specific installation and support of our standard product modules, but also address the many surrounding technologies that typically intersect with our product deployment.

Top Dog's service offerings support our mission of providing the most effective analytical tools for our customers to use in the day-to-day management of their business. We offer the full range of capabilities required to design and develop both custom and packaged business intelligence applications along with consulting, training and support services to ensure the proper integration and implementation of these powerful new business tools


Top Dog Offers 3 Types of Service

  • These services are included with our standard customer installation:

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    • Recommended Server Configuration
    • Recommended Microsoft Software Licensing
    • Data Mapping
    • Data Extraction
    • Software Installation
    • Security Configuration
    • System Testing
    • Web-Based Product Training
  • These services are included with our standard annual maintenance:

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    • Continuing Web-Based Product Training
    • Data Update Monitoring
    • Product Help Desk
    • Trouble Shooting
    • Bug Fixing
    • Periodically Scheduled Product Updates
    • Routine Data Recovery
  • These services are provided on an ala carte basis:

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    • On-site Product Training
    • Advanced Technical Training
    • Database Recovery
    • Server Migration
    • Custom Software Development
    • Custom Web-Reporting
    • SharePoint Development / Deployment
    • IT Special Projects
    • Consulting