Reporting and Analysis

Top Dog Solutions offers a full complement of reporting modules to support the key analysis required by most any organization in either the distribution or logistics business segment.

Top Dog modules share a common user interface that is built on top of Microsoft Excel 2007 and later versions. If you have mastered any of the Top Dog reporting modules, you will immediately understand how to effectively utilize all the Top Dog modules.

     Sales Analyst
Addresses top to bottom sales analysis of all relevant business metrics
    Inventory Analyst
Provides insightful analysis of the complexities of managing multi-location product inventories
    Credit Analyst
In addition to providing state of the art analysis of your accounts receivable, provides in-depth analysis of your customers current and past credit behavior. Using this information, Credit Analyst will provide you with the most accurate cash-flow analysis possible.
    Financial Analyst
Not only produces financial statements for your organization, it provides the ability to investigate the numbers and understand not only how they were derived, but how the numbers compare period to period, actual to budget and location to location.
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    General Benefits

    • Provides Business Perspectives not Available from Conventional Reporting
    • Short Implementation Cycle, Results are Available in the Shortest Possible Time
    • Pre-calculated Results provides Superior Response Time Compared to Conventional Reporting
    • Staff Hours Previously Required to Prepare Reports Reduced
    • Accuracy of all “Custom” Reports Insured
    • No Custom Programming Required
    • No In-house Staff Required
    • Used Easily by Non-technical Personnel
    • Minimal Capital Investment Required
    • Great Return on Investment
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    General Features

    • Microsoft Excel Based Solution
    • Built on Industry Standard Products
    • Secure Information Model
    • User Defined Sharable Reporting
    • Unlimited Number of Reports can be generated
    • Runtime Selectable Reporting Metrics
    • Create Analysis Groups on the Fly
    • Seamless Remote Access over the Internet
    • Enhanced Trending over Months, Quarters and even Years
    • Drill to Source Data
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    Hardware & Software Requirements

    • Processor : 2.0 GHz or faster
    • OS : Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 (STD or Ent)
    • Memory : 4 GB or more