Industrial & Building Distributors

Top Dog’s newest customer segment is companies distributing building & industrial supplies. Presently we have about 20 distributors across North America that relies upon the Top Dog reporting modules to manage the businesses.

These distributors represent a true cross-section of distribution. Although they principally distribute their products to the trade, they distribute an extraordinary variety of products. Our customers distribute electrical supplies, plumbing supplies, HVAC supplies, stone and tile supplies, pre-fabricated modules, industrial cleaning supplies and protective equipment.

Our building & industrial supplies distributor customers largely operate using the Eclipse software system from Activant. Eclipse is the leading operational system used by companies distributing building supplies.

Although we are relatively new to this segment, leveraging the powerful and comprehensive modules that we have developed for tire distributors, we strive to have the highest degree of expertise in providing analytical reporting solutions to these companies at the most cost effective price.