Virginia Tire & Auto

We have gone to Top Dog on several occasions to solve problems that other IT organizations said could not be solved.

Michael Holmes | President


Virginia Tire & Auto is a group of eleven family owned and operated Goodyear, Bridgestone, and Shell affiliated automotive maintenance, repair and consumer tire service facilities.

Virginia Tire & Auto started with one Shell station in 1976. Now we’re at 11 locations…and growing. Virginia Tire & Auto is transforming automotive services across Northern Virginia and nationwide. Today, we are a family-owned business blending warm personal service with world-class products from three industry leaders: Goodyear, Bridgestone and Shell. We’re at the forefront of the industry and that means our customers are too. We are passionate about state-of-the-art equipment, spotless facilities and our people. We take great pride in offering our customers unmatched quality, value and convenience. What makes us different makes us better.


Virginia Tire & Auto had relied upon the point of sale software from Goodyear, GBMS for many years. As the company continued to add more and more locations, they looked for a better, more state of the art POS system to help them better manage the organization.

They explored the major options available for POS systems designed for the automotive maintenace, repair and tire service industry. They focused on offerings from ASA Tire Systems and AfterSoft NA, finally selecting the VAST POS system from AftertSoft. Having made that decision, the company immediately focused on how they would be able to get quality information directly out of their POS system to help management analyze and grow the expanding business. In addition to analyzing the data derived from their new POS system, the company needed a system to integrate, time-keeping data and payroll data into a consolidated system to calculate and manage the complex process of calculating incentive pay to more than 300 employees.


The company turned to Top Dog Solutions, based upon recommendations from AfterSoft. The first part of the solution was to immediately deploy our standard suite of business intelligence modules for analysis of Sales, Inventory and Financial Information. With this implementation both senior management and store level management had "eyes" on the pulse of the business. Top Dog, working with key management then developed a fully custom Production System that incorporates data from VAST, KRONOS and ADP to manage and calculate Virginia Tire & Auto incentive pay process.


With the implementation of the standard Top Dog modules the company was able to manage the functional operations of the 11 store chain with up to date and dependable comparitive analysis. At the same time, they were able to better manage inventory levels, better anticipate and manage out of stock conditions and significantly optimize stocking levels at every store. With the implementation of the Production System, Virginia Tire & Auto was able to reduce time spent every day by employees at the store level managing the approval of daily incentive information. Similar savings were generated in the payroll processing.