Sullivan Tire & Auto Service

We are a very satisfied customer of Top Dog Solutions and look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.

Joe Zaccheo | CFO


Sullivan Tire Company is one of the largest independent tire distributors in New England. They have been in business for more than 55 years. In addition to a large wholesale operation, they have 60+retail locations through-out New England, 15 commercial truck centers and 3 retread manufacturing facilities. The company utilizes the VAST point of sale system from Aftersoft to operate each of the 60+retail locations. The commercial locations all run the Maddenco system. The wholesale and other operations utilize an internally developed and supported legacy system. The company utilized Microsoft Dynamics for financial reporting and Automatic Data Processing for payroll services. Each of these systems was designed for a specific purpose and does an excellent job delivering against that purpose.


Sullivan Tire needed a consolidated information management system that would not only pull together data from each of the different systems, but would meld that data into meaningful information that would become the knowledge-base to help management grow the company. None of the systems provided reporting tools that would allow the various management members access to current information. The company was regularly pulling data from these disparate systems to support various business initiatives. These initiatives included analyzing productivity of the more than 500 mechanics and technicians on staff, analyzing and tracking employee incentives on a monthly basis, analysis and reporting performance and bonuses for the company sponsored Preferred Tire Dealers of New England program. The company needed to fully integrate and automate these initiatives into an interactive desktop system that could be relied upon for accuracy and timeliness.


Sullivan Tire partnered with Top Dog Solutions in the fall of 2006 to provide the necessary tools and technologies that would address the many challenges they faced. Top Dog Solutions had a proven track record at that time of providing more than 35 tire distributors across North America with data warehousing, data analysis and business intelligence solutions. In the short period of time of about 60 days Top Dog installed and made fully operational their out of the box Tire Analyst reporting solution. From there Sullivan regularly pushed the envelope to address their ever expanding need for information. The system was enhanced to provide actual cost analysis, revised cost analysis and recently internal cost analysis. The core information used for sales analysis was enriched further with a regular feed from ADP to assign the real cost per hour to each technician. From there the Top Dog system could accurately calculate and analyze technician productivity, The system was further expanded to capture monthly business objectives for more than 500 employees. By measuring actual business performance against these objectives the system accurately and on a timely basis determines employee incentive earnings.


The benefits for Sullivan Tire are manifold. Without replacing or rewriting existing systems that the company has made substantial capital investment and people investment in they have provided their many team members with a state of the art fully integrated information system. This system allows management to really understand the profitability and productivity of customers, stores, salesman, technicians, product lines and so much more. More than 100 Sullivan employees are fully empower with targeted access to key information to help them do their job better,