Alba Wheels Up International

We have been using many of the Top Dog modules since 2004 and have come to rely upon them as an integral part of our business information structure.

Damien Stile | Chief Operating Officer


Over the past 60 years, Alba Wheels Up® International has strived to provide the most advanced and value-added services within the customs brokerage and freight forwarding industry. Today’s logistics environment is as dynamic as ever and requires the right skills and expertise to expedite freight in this new regulatory world.

Our service philosophy incorporates two key concepts: ensuring customer compliance with U.S. Customs and Border Protection regulations and the coordination and movement of freight in an efficient and timely manner. Though simply stated, it takes a well-organized company with an elite team of brokers and freight forwarding specialists to deliver this philosophy every day.


Damiem and Sal Stile assumed ownership and management of the company about 20 years ago. The company was then and continues to rely upon an industry specific, legacy system developed by TradePoint Systems. This sytem has been the industry leader supplying ERP functionality to Custom House Brokers and International Freight Forwarders. These 2 forward thinking owners quickly realized that they needed the ability to get at the data buried inside their TradePoint System so that they can analyze the data, and using the data better manage and grow the business.


Damien Stile sought out Top Dog Solutions to implement a full suite of business inteligence modules to help them better manage their company. Specifically they were looking for ways to better analyze the shipment activity of their customers, the relative profitability of their customers and to help shape the business to maximize profitablity. Additionally the company, working with Top Dog implement specific functionality to help them manage their critical cashflow, their Accounts Receivables and their complex financial reporting.


Using the Top Dog system, Alba Wheels Up® International , has been able to effectively grow their business expanding their operation into Los Angeles and Miami. The company has far better control over their Accounts Receivable and has significatantly reduced bad debt write offs. They no longer have to estimate the true profit that they yield with specific customers. They know the profit to the penny.