Top Dog Building

Top Dog Solutions is a Boston-based developer, of out-of-the-box business intelligence solutions for small and medium size distribution & logistics organizations. Over the past 8 years the company has honed its product offering to satisfy the diverse demands of companies with annual revenues from several million dollars to over $250,000,000, operating out of a single location to more than 100 locations. Today our solutions are used by more than 100 organizations across North America with more than 1,000 user seats.

The company’s management-team is made up of seasoned veterans with more than 40 years of experience delivering successful solutions to a diverse customer-base. The company's choice of the Microsoft business intelligence platform insures the availability of the most cost-effective solutions available in the market today.

Top Dog's Products and Services

Are focused on creating the most effective analytical tools for our clients to use in the day-to-day management of their business. We provide the full range of capabilities required to design and engineer both custom and packaged business intelligence solutions and offer the necessary consulting, training, and support services to ensure the proper integration and implementation of these powerful new business tools.

TDSI Customer

Nothing Succeeds like Success

Our management has decades of success developing and implementing software solutions. This, together with our depth of technology experience in the business intelligence space, makes for a powerful combination. We also bring to the table an extensive library of intellectual property, which means we can be both fast and economical with both our development and implementation process. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner. We feel the difference between Top Dog Solutions and other alternatives is that we offer the most cost-effective state-of-the-art technology in the business intelligence space for the mid-sized company.