Customer Relationship Management

Top Dog's Customer Relationship Management allows users to easily access key information on a single screen with its inutive interface.

Customer Relationship Management helps companies improve communication and organization with its highly customizable environment that is intuitive for all users. Lose the hassle of having to manually input information from many different applications by automatically generating profiles and histories from company’s POS and e-mail servers in a single platform. CRM is an all in one environment that allows easy access to customer information, employees and store locations. Quickly look up and manage this information to increase productivity in your organization.

Taking information from your company’s point of sales system, CRM is able to automatically generate detailed customer profiles. Previous transactions and e-mails from Outlook, iPhone and Webmail are pulled and compiled. E-mail messages are automatically associated to the customer account record. Instantly connect e-mail communication with customer history, with no human intervention.

CRM organizes and integrates customer data onto a single screen. It provides quick and easy access to contact information, employee representatives, invoices and previous transactions.

CRM helps improve organization in your company. Easily manage product, store and employee data. CRM allows you to review and manage active employees and store locations. Directly connected to your webpage, updating contact and store information is quick and simple.

Boost communication with your customers with call reports. Call reports immediately create interactive agendas. Members receive an email that includes financial information to review with the customer. Create and maintain customer relationships and have all the information you need, right when you need it.

CRM is an extremely dynamic environment that offers a better way to manage store, employee and customer information. The intuitive interface provides an efficient way to access information. This automated process allows organizations to improve communication within their company and with customers.