Automated Appointment Scheduling

Top Dog's Automated Appointment Scheduling provides a streamline way to manage appointments and to increase customer communication.

Organization is a key to successful communication. With growing companies, managing and tracking appointments, e-mails, events and customer information is critical. Top Dog’s Automated Appointment Scheduling offers a single platform system designed to increase communication with your customers.

Automated Appointment Scheduling provides effective communication between customers and companies. Customers are able to create appointments with a single click of their mouse. These appointments are then added directly to your company's point of sales system. Compatible with your desktop calendar, new appointments are updated immediately. Automated reminders are sent to both customers and management. Increase your company's organization with Top Dog's Automated Appointment Scheduling.

With Automated Appointment Scheduling, easily:
  • Book appoints
  • Make work orders
  • Send customer confirmation e-mails, and
  • Add events to your personal web calendar