Auto Serve 1

Provide seamless vehicle inspections and detailed reports to your customers with Top Dog's Auto Serve 1

Auto Serve 1 is the leading digital auto inspection software used by automotive technicians to provide customers with detailed recommendations for their vehicles. Utilizing handheld tablets, Auto Serve 1 provides quick and thorough images and videos of exactly what needs to be replaced or repaired. Reports are then supplemented with educational material and recommendations to help the customer better understand exactly what is needed and why. These reports are able to be sent via e-mail or presented directly to the customer. Auto Serve 1 provides customers with the information they need to make confident decisions.

Top Dog has developed a seamless integration of Auto Serve 1 to your VAST POS system that easily integrates information collected from Auto Serve 1 and feeds the data directly into your VAST POS system. Top Dog’s Auto Serve 1 instantly inputs vehicle history, customer information and work orders into your POS system. With no human intervention required, Top Dog’s integration with Auto Serve 1 provides the fastest and most through inspections to your customers.

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